GA/ATA members look for situations where capital up to $1 million is designed to take the company to the next level, and materially increase its valuation.

“ATA is a valuable investor in CollectorDASH. With their extensive network in Atlanta, nationally, and around the globe, we have been able to open doors and accelerate our growth. I value ATA’s involvement in our company far beyond the dollars they’ve invested.”

—Bill Jones
Founder & CEO, CollectorDASH Holdings, Inc.

Specifically, members look for the following attributes in any business plan:


Normally, our Members favor companies within a few hours’ drive of Atlanta unless we are syndicating a deal with other regional angel groups. We generally do not invest in pure concepts, but in companies. The company can be pre-revenue, but should be beyond the concept stage.

Do You Meet Our Criteria?

For more information, contact Li Wong, Director of Entrepreneurship with Partnership Gwinnett.